1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP, Litecoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Silver leafs on Canvas, 89x109cm/35”x42,9”

Litecoaster is 1Dq’s first alt painting. Litecoin roller coaster guy is a derivative from the original Bitcoin Roller Coaster. A roller coaster guy represent volatility, therefore the Litecoaster painting has 6 picture hanger hooks.
Kudos to Brainless Tales who is the author of the original Bitcoin Roller Coaster!
The starting price for the Litecoaster painting is around 24.75 LTC (0.31 BTC) and the buy now price is around 49.5 LTC (0.62 BTC).

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